The LOLWUT Thirds. Money money money.

Chapter One. Lesson one: always look eye. My free advice? Insist that a fake asshat keep their repreated promises EARLY on, BEFORE you do favors and waste your days amusing a bored person who's stuck at work. Even well-written BS is still BS. I wasted a LOT of my precious time that I will never get back.

fuck you and namaste

Chapter Two. Sooper Seekrit Things. Ask about someting publicly, then refuse to answer a "friend's very general question about it, privately. Then report the "friend" for "spam!" (After you signed up TWICE to get "friend's" blog posts. Duh. You better BELIEVE the "erotic fiction" writing BUSINESS is 99% fakes and kink lites and wannabes, and 100% all about MONEY. Treating one of the FEW real BDSM people this way? Really ya'll? I bent over backwards for you both.

Chapter Three. Irony on the Amazon Savill Author Page. Forever. Gotta love karma's bitch slap here. Amazon algorithm FTW.

are you shitting me
Chapter Four. The final WTF from this group. THIS WAS POSTED ON MY OWN TIMELINE. Who would do something like this? What kind of person? I can't even IMAGINE posting something like this on someone's public Facebook timeline. Note: It was "edited" a few times, and still ... "poplar." This is an "author." *facepalm*

incredible nerve
Never a word of apology, much less a public retraction (in that last case) from any. As of this day, still. "Do not respond!" I can almost hear the fake asshat saying it.