Pinterest will stay up indefinitely, as will (redirects to the site you are on now) and Tara Febreze and Vageena too. Redirects, they’re called. People wrote nice notes below in the comments, but let’s please not “forget” or “ignore” the real REASON (one main one, and he knows what he did — “we WILL …”) behind all of this.

— — —

I guess “authors” aren’t really supposed to “blog.” It’s only for when you have a “cover reveal” or a “secret project” to tease, or you want to pimp yourself (book on sale on Amazon, etc.), or you’re a guest somewhere.

For now, as far as this pen name, I’m going back to my paper diary between the mattresses. This is just stupid, trying to start over, when I didn’t have much going even in “the former genre.” I found writing in that genre quite boring, because I’m 100% long-time serious-for-real in it and all the people writing it (99% of them, mmmkay?) are totally fake. Yes it’s fiction, but the fakeness is still ridiculously silly to me. So I am out. Online “Doms” pretending to be real life Doms. Spanky-wanky “subs” yearning to “test their limits.” News flash: real life, decades here, I can spot fakes. Everyone save perhaps two I “met” in this are fake. Which is fine, it’s FICTION WRITING, ya’ll. But don’t fucking pretend you’re real on your blog and in emails, etc. when you are NOT. BE REAL.

There was one incredible asshole in particular, that was the final nail in this coffin. A simple promise was repeated, for a long time. I asked repeatedly, “Really?” “YES!” Every time, the assurance. Well, it turned out to be a total lie. For over a year and a half, it turned out to all be a huge waste of my time. I was used until a better $$$ opportunity came along and then the wagon hitched up to a new and $urely much more profitable wagon train. Good luck. Hi karma.

But really it boils down to this for me: I’m unwilling to do the types of things you have to do behind the scenes (turn people in for spam? hurl outrageous public accusations, say one thing for a year or more and then suddenly admit, “No, I never had any intention of actually doing that”) to sell books and “make fans” in this. For many it IS all about the “making fans” and the money and the rankings. And they roll over people, use people, attach themselves like leeches, to obtain their “goals.”

Me? I can’t be fake and “online only.” I’m unable to be all “Hi everyone!”-fake (BDSM-related, especially!) on my blog and then turn around and do nasty things behind the scenes to “friends,” e.g. — things I guess they think you have do to be noticed, to sell books, to make MONEY.

It’s all about money. MONEY.

It was the few bad apples. That’s why I’m gone. Let’s be clear. Please. One in particular who is of the “ignore it!” persuasion, so you’ll have to think on that one, perhaps.


I have many friends (real life) there and they still email me and ask me to write for them (blog). I am publishing books under that name. I have instant readership and this was a huge, huge, mistake. But, lesson learned: I’ll be much more careful about trusting people online. MUST MEET THEM IN PERSON and look them in the eye. EARLY ON. Pro tip!. Be wary of online/chat/text/phone assurances no matter how often repeated. Some people have NO intention of doing what they promise repeatedly and you may end up being told the truth way too late, way after your usefulness has ended, and you find you were used.

My VERY best to the rest of you, always.